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Tittle : Clinical features of patients infected with novel corona virus (COVID 19) in Lahore, Pakistan

Author(s) : Ghazala Rubi*, Muhammad Sharjeel Ilyas, Tamknat Ilyas, Muhammad Adil, Musbih Ul Qayyum Zia*, Muhammad Yousaf Rana, Mubbasher Munir, Muhammad Haroon Bhatti

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Corona virus is a virulent virus capable of producing respiratory disease. A recently identified strain (SARS-CoV-2) of coronavirus, has caused a worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19. The objective of this study was to identify the clinical features of coronavirus disease 2019 in confirmed cases. This project was designed for retrospective analysis of COVID-19 patients, these patients were admitted in Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan during April 24 to august 24, 2020. The mean age of COVID-19 patients was 55 years. The male patients accounted for 68%. None of the patient was asymptomatic while Common symptoms at onset of illness were low grade fever (72%), Cough, Malaise, Chest Pain, Tightness, Sore throat without any warning sign (28%), Shortness of Breath with respiratory Rate > 25/min (50%) while (20%) patients developed Respiratory Rate > 30/Min, SpO 2 levels < 93 % were presented in (50%) patients; less common symptoms were High Grade Fever> 100 degree Centigrade (10%). In critically ill patients respiratory Failure (where mechanical ventilation required) developed in (28%) patients and (4%) developed septic shock. Co-morbid conditions presented with the covid-19 were cardiovascular disease (22%), Diabetes Mellitus (24%), asthma (2%), COPD (52%) and kidney disease (4%). There was increase in C-reactive protein (CRP) level (28%), D-Dimer (28%), LDH level (28%), ferritin (30%). None of the patient had developed Confusion, Lethargy, Agitation, Restlessness, and Multi Organ Disfunction Syndrome. Five (10%) of 50 patients expired while others had shown significant improvement in health. The most common symptoms of covid-19 patient at onset of illness were low grade fever, Shortness of Breath, low SpO2 levels, Cough, Malaise, Chest Pain, Tightness leading to respiratory failure and increased levels in C-reactive protein, D-Dimer, LDH and ferritin. Co-morbid conditions presented with the covid-19 were cardiovascular disease and Diabetes Mellitus.

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